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Attempting to outdo Democratic candidate Crazy Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren is now heavily pushing for free college. Her plan is centered around a debt cancellation plan for current and past students. Because what easier way to pander votes than offer free stuff, right liberals?


The hefty price tag of Pocahontas’ proposals is estimated at $1.25 trillion over 10 years. Instead of having those who went to college pay for their own loans, Warren would rather shift it onto the rest of Americans through high taxes. The plan also proposes increasing education spending through covering textbooks, student housing, and living expenses.


Not too long ago the conversation was making community college free, but in a short matter of time the democrats have somehow managed to outdo themselves. The left is always pushing the line, and expecting the rest of us to foot the bill.


You know who deserves free college? Those serving our country. Elizabeth Warren and others proposing free college to all Americans have forgot one major thing: college is a privilege. Those Americans risking their lives overseas to pay for their schooling do not deserve to be put on the same pedestal as whiny college social justice warriors.


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