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Walt Disney Corporation is threatening to halt filming in the state of Georgia if the pro-life law that was passed this year goes into effect. The bill, similar to other recent pro-life legislation that’s been passed around the country, is a major blow to pro-abortionists.


Netflix is also threatening to halt film production in Georgia. Major companies like Netflix and Disney have threatened in years past to boycott certain states based on conservative legislation. The NBA pulled its all star game out of Charlotte in 2017 when the state cracked down on transgenders using whichever bathroom they wanted. These desperate PR stunts by big businesses are bedded in hypocrisy.


Will Witt from Prager University pointed out facts on twitter that expose Disney’s hypocrisy: Disney has filmed in the United Arab Emirates, where abortion is illegal and being homosexual is illegal, and Disney has filmed in Bolivia, where abortion is also illegal. If Disney was consistent in their standards, then surely they would not have filmed in those countries too.


Disney has also done extensive business with China, which has been placing Muslims in internment camps for years now. Shanghai Disney Resort is a new, massive destination that brings in plenty of money for Disney. Since Disney attempts to place itself on a higher moral plane than everyone else, why are they doing business in China?


By threatening to boycott Georgia and not other countries that go much farther to limit abortion, Disney is specifically targeting conservatives in America. Disney is only concerned about two things: good PR and money. By halting filming in Georgia, the company would earn praise from Hollywood liberals.


The law in Georgia is, in some ways, even less controversial than the bathroom bill in North Carolina from a few years ago. Georgia wants to protect life, and is not shy about it. If Disney actually cared about life, they would maintain consistent ethical business standards, which clearly doesn’t happen. Perhaps Disney is the one who needs to be boycotted.


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