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Joe Biden; Biden G7 summit

During the recent G7 summit, it appeared that Biden forgot what has been happening within his own country.

During the global G7 summit, President Biden said he wants the U.S. to focus on helping other countries deal with the pandemic, recover their economies and build infrastructure.

Meanwhile, the U.S. unemployment rate is slow to recover after months of COVID lockdown and inflation has risen to 2008 recession levels. Despite that, Biden placed an emphasis on helping other countries economically during G7.

“Ending the pandemic and maintaining robust support for an equitable, inclusive global economic recovery were the top priorities of our nations as we got together,” Biden said. “We know we can’t achieve one without the other; that is, we have to deal with the pandemic and — in order to be able to deal with economic recovery, which — as we’re doing in the States, but we committed that we’re going to do more for the rest of the world as well.”

Biden also discussed a commitment to spend more than $40 trillion on world infrastructure.

“We also made a momentous commitment at the G7 to help meet more than a $40 trillion need that exists for infrastructure in the developing world,” the president said. “I put forward an idea that was called — we named the ‘Build Back Better World Partnership,’ which is — we’re calling it the ‘B3W.’”

As his own country’s economy is struggling because of his excessive spending, Biden wants to help the rest of the world instead. At the same time, Kamala Harris chooses to attend the Washington pride parade rather than visit the U.S.-Mexico border, a role she was given nearly three months ago.

Biden and other Democrats need to stop with the endless woke virtue-signaling and put America first.

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