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Democrats try, try and try again to disrupt President Trump’s proposed border wall. This time House Democrats are suing members of the Trump administration after a national emergency was declared for the crisis on the border. This comes after the President was only granted a fraction of requested funding for the border wall and led him to issue a national emergency. Last March, Congress passed a measure to block Trump’s emergency declaration, but eventually failed when President Trump initiated his first veto.


I am vetoing this resolution,” Trump said. “Congress has the freedom to pass this resolution and I have the duty to veto it.


Plaintiffs claim the administration, “Flouted the fundamental separation-of-powers principles and usurped for itself legislative power specifically vested by the constitution in Congress.” reported by Politico.


Among the defendants are Treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin, Defense secretary Patrick Shanahan, Interior secretary David Bernhardt, Homeland security secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, and the departments they oversea.


Immigration officials have urgently called for assistance on the border wall and have characterized the issue at the border as ‘a crisis’.


Attorney General, William Barr claimed the President had the authority to override the veto and declare a national emergency.


It is mindboggling to see how far Democrats will go to see President Trump fail. Immigration officials who witness and experience the crisis every day are begging for support on the border and what do Nancy Pelosi and Democrats in the House do to help? They launch a legal war with the administration to stop any help from coming and pretend that the crisis doesn’t exist.


Democracy is in severe trouble right now as the interests of American citizens are taking a backseat to the political aspirations of Democrats in the government. The message is loud and clear to the citizens of the United States, our security is not important if it doesn’t align with the liberal agenda.


President Trump gave conservative-America a voice again when he was elected, and he is doing everything within his power to let our voices be heard once again when we call for security on the Southern border!


We need to hold the Democrats in the House accountable for constantly ignoring the wellbeing of the citizens and working so hard to undermine the values and principles Americans hold.


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