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Denmark has announced that all COVID restrictions and regulations will be officially abolished and the country can actually return to normalcy in all aspects of life, beating the United States to the punch.  ​

Effective February 1, the entire country of Denmark will be free from any domestic COVID regulations and will actually be able to return to normal life.  This comes at the same time as many European Union countries have begun to roll back their individual policies.  This also happened at the same time that the United States is continuing to push vaccine mandates and mask mandates across the country.  


Denmark’s  Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said that the country is finally in a position to “smile again.”  Additionally, the government cited that COVID-19 is no longer a major threat to the health and safety of citizens.  This statement was backed by the severity of cases and the sharp decrease in ICU patients.  


President Joe Biden has not laid out any plans to remove federal restrictions within the United States.  A federal mask mandate exists in federal offices and public lands.  Additionally, vaccine mandates are encouraged to be imposed by employers across the country. 

Denmark has proven it is time to loosen the government’s grasp on freedoms, donate to Americans United for Values today!