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U.S. Supreme Court building; court packing amendment

Democrats have set their eyes on the Supreme Court, they will unveil a bill that would pack the court to thirteen justices and allow President Joe Biden to immediately name 4 additions.  

Congressional Democrats have laid out this plan in an attempt to gain control of all three branches of Federal Government.  This bill is reportedly led by House Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler.  This proposal follows President Biden’s signing of an executive order to study whether or not the Supreme Court should be expanded.  

Democrats first talked about packing the Supreme Court after Justice Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed in 2018.  Then Presidential candidate Joe Biden ignored this idea, but it appears he may be acting as a puppet for high ranking Democrats.  The expansion of the Supreme Court would immediately allow Biden to name the additional justices, which would certainly give a left lean to the high court.  

This effort would be the first since President Franklin Delanor Roosevelt who proposed an expansion.  At the time members of Congress, including most of his own party, viewed this as a power grab effort.  This expansion lacks any validity, and should be opposed by all Americans.  The current justices have been confirmed in the same manner as generations before them, and a change in this process could lead to further corruption in the Federal government. 


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