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House and Senate Democrats are urging President Joe Biden to provide amnesty for illegal aliens as nearly 17 million Americans remain jobless.  ​

House and Senate Democrats formatted a letter to President Joe Biden asking that at least 5.2 million illegal aliens are provided with economic and infrastructure relief.  This comes at a time when millions of Americans are struggling to find employment.  These illegals are currently holding jobs within the United States in many fields, but mainly the infrastructural field.  


Democrats call these illegal aliens American heroes.  These people are stealing jobs from Americans and Democrats want to grant them immediate citizenship, regardless of their crimes committed when entering the country.  They are calling for citizenship for illegal aliens that operate as “essential workers.” 


Democrats are pushing to keep social restrictions amidst the growing distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine.  This is to push their agenda and  leverage Joe Biden to do their bidding through executive orders.  Americans are struggling and need an open and free economy, but Democrats see a need to give taxpayer resources to foreigners that have already benefited from the American economy.


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