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Rep. Mondaire Jones; Democrats Supreme Court

A NY representative is using the Capitol riot as justification for Democrats to add four justices to the Supreme Court.

This week, progressive Representative Mondaire Jones referenced the Jan. 6 Capitol riot as a reason for Democrats to pack the Supreme Court.

Jones posted a video on Twitter showing images of the Capitol riots. He claimed that democracy is now “in crisis.”

“This crisis didn’t arrive overnight or by accident,” Jones said. “The Supreme Court helped bring us here. In fact, the court has been actively dismantling our democracy for years.”

Jones claimed that the court allowed a “torrent” of dark money into the electoral process, giving billionaires and special interest groups to control the political sphere. He also claimed that the court helped create a new era of racist voter suppression and helped put former President Trump in office.

But in fact, as Fox News explains, Trump won the 2016 election with 306 Electoral College votes – a process that “does not typically directly involve the Supreme Court at all.” The last time the Supreme Court directly weighed in on a presidential election was in 2000.

This week, Democrats formally launched a legislative effort to add four new justices to the Supreme Court. Ironically, they are pushing a very undemocratic piece of legislation in order to “restore democracy” to the American people.

The Democrats’ attempt to pack the court is an obvious quest for power and an effort to keep conservatives silenced. Their plan is tyrannical and un-American, and we cannot let them follow through with it.

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