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Democratic candidate for President Pete Buttigieg is in a bed of controversy for his recent comments made Tuesday in which he claimed religion shouldn’t be used as a “cudgel” in politics, and that if God belonged to a certain party, it wouldn’t be the one in office right now.


Because if God belonged to a certain party, it certainly would be the one that supports the murder of babies in abortion and supports infanticide, right Buttigieg? Pete Buttigieg belongs to the same party that is constantly trying to hide Christians and the Judeo-Christians values the country is founded on.


The controversy is similar to his comments from a few weeks ago in which he slammed the faithful. For someone who claims to be Christian, Buttigieg has spent a lot of time putting down them.


Buttigieg’s recent comments are an attack on Americans and the faithful. He can’t play both sides and claim religion should be deemphasized while using religion in his claim to slam Republicans.


America is a country that was founded on values that Democrats like Buttigieg revile. If you are sick of attacks on the faithful, stand with Americans United for Values as we fight for the values that are at risk of being thrown away.


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