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Senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI) asked Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett if she has committed sexual crimes during the Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearings.  

Democrats have used the confirmation hearings as a political chess piece and have attempted to get Judge Amy Coney Barrett to trip up on their questions.  Senator Hirono utilized her time to question sexual crimes and quoted Chief Justice John Roberts who said that the judicial branch is not immune to widespread sexual harassment.  Judge Coney Barrett has not faced any sexual assault allogations in her past.  


This move has been widely questioned for its relevance given the Jude’s clean criminal record on a personal level.  Hirono asked Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh the same questions and called for an investigation into his personal life.  She advised the FBI should have investigated Kavanaugh and determine if he was a “very belligerent, aggressive drunk.” 


Democrats are grasping at straws for a reason to delay or cancel the confirmation of Judge Barrett.  She has led an extremely respectable career in the federal judiciary system and will continue to do so as the newest Justice of the Supreme Court.  The nominee will be the 3rd Supreme Court Justice to be nominated and confirmed under the Trump presidency, and the far left has used their hate for Trump in an attempt to interrupt Judge Barrett’s confirmation.  

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