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protest-riots; democrat-led

Violent crime has risen in Democrat-led cities in 2020, in addition to out-of-control rioting. 

While riots continue to plague communities across the US, murder rates in large Democrat-led cities have spiked this year, already exceeded 2019 numbers.

According to The Associated Press, 195 homicides have occurred in St. Louis this year, the most recent taking place Sept. 17. In New York City, 350 people have been killed so far in 2020.

Gun violence has also increased in NYC. At least 1,000 shootings have been reported since Jan. 1, compared to just 537 by the same time last year.

Meanwhile, riots have damaged property and endangered communities in Democrat-led Portland, Minneapolis, Washington DC, Atlanta, Rochester and more.

Political commentator Candace Owens recently told Fox News that she is calling for “a Black exit from the Democrat Party.” She said that Democrats have contributed to the increase in crime by demonizing law enforcement as they work to do good for the minority community.

Owens criticized Democrat Rep. John Garamendi for apparently rejecting the surge in crime in liberal cities.

“Democrats have no issues lying … while minority communities suffer,” she told host Maria Bartiromo.

As leftist violence and general urban violence continue to increase, combined with ineffective Democratic leadership, more and more American citizens will suffer. In order to save our communities, we must elect conservative leaders who will fight for the values of all Americans.

If you agree, join us at Americans United for Values today!