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“Defund Planned Parenthood” is a call often heard coming from conservative groups, but over the past decade, the organization has only continued to grow.  They even have their own political group – Planned Parenthood Action to push their agenda in Washington.

However, the Trump Administration is slowly stripping away the power Planned Parenthood currently holds. The Administration announced thatadditional regulations are coming to ensure Planned Parenthood is fully complying with fine print of Title X– the rule that allows the health clinic to collect federal funds, so long as those funds are not used for abortions.

The new rule seeks to completely sever abortion services from other services at clinics like Planned Parenthood. This includes separating the employees performing abortions and the facility abortions will take place in.

This week, another major win for the pro-life movement was announced: The government will not be funding any organization that provides abortion referralseither. Planned Parenthood has called it the “Gag Rule” and condemns the Administration for enforcing it. However, Title X is clear – abortion services must be separate from other healthcare services receiving federal funding.Planned Parenthood can no longer continue referring patients for abortions and profiting at tax payers’ expense.

The new rule is cracking down on the leeway Planned Parenthood currently enjoys with their federal funding. Their ability to disguise their services as primarily “screenings and preventative care” allows them to collect tax payer dollars for their facilities. What they fail to disclose is that they perform more abortions than any other clinic in the country and are known as the #1 abortion provider.

“Any grantees that perform, support, or refer for abortion have a choice — disentangle themselves from abortion or fund their activities with privately raised funds,” a Trump official said of the Title X clarifications.

These clinics exist exclusively to perform abortions and Americans are done footing their bills. It’s time abortion providers stop using tax payer funds and comply with Title X.

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