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On Thursday, Governor of Tennessee Bill Lee declared October 10th as a day of “prayer, humility, and fasting.” Despite God leaving most political forums and everyday American life, Governor Lee took a stand and dedicated a day of faith and penance. Immediately after the proclamation, members of atheist lobbying group Freedom From Religion Foundation put out a highly critical statement.


“Gov. Bill Lee is doing a disservice to the Constitution — and his citizens — in declaring Oct. 10 as an official day of prayer and fasting.” said FFRF Co-President Dan Barker. “Proclaiming an official day of prayer is inappropriate and unnecessary as a matter of policy.”


Governor Lee knew exactly what he was doing. Refusing to back down, he said “We know that prayer accomplishes much. Prayer strengthens our families and it strengthens our communities. It strengthens our relationship with our neighbors. It strengthens our relationship with God himself.”


The Freedom From Religion Foundation is well known for trying to rain on everyone’s parade. The lobbying organization has issued out numerous frivolous lawsuits for nativity displays, public crosses, and any public display of faith. Sadly, most of the time FFRA gets their way because they sue cities or organizations that don’t have the type of money to fight the lawsuits.


If someone has an issue with a day of humility and prayer, perhaps they’re the one with issues in their heart. Prayer and faith has been an integral part of American culture since its founding. As the oldest democracy, America is different because of its Christian culture and history.


Freedom of religion is under attack. Many of those on the left want to all Christian symbols removed and their representation diminished. As President Reagan once said, “If we forget we’re one nation under God, we will be a nation gone under.” If you stand with Governor Lee and for prayer, sign our Americans United for Values petition today!