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Presidential hopeful, Sen. Cory Booker, has a never before seen idea – make Americans “apply” for their Constitutional rights.

That’s right – this is never before seen, because no one in our nation’s history has seriously considered the scenario where Democrats would say Americans don’t deserve our Constitutional rights. But Cory Booker stands ready to attack the Second Amendment. This liberal Democrat wants to create a National Licensing Programfor guns – complete with an interview, fingerprinting, and courses.

Supporters cite examples, like the law to obtain a drivers’ license to drive a car, to justify this crazy, big government plan. Last time we checked, the right to drive a car wasn’t listed in the Constitution! But the Second Amendment is a cherished, tradition in American history. More than that, it’s about defense of our homes and families. Criminals don’t follow the law – Cory Booker’s plan to take away guns from law abiding citizens will only weaken our nation, empowering more crime.

This is the same candidate whowants to buy your guns or put you in jail! In a May interview, Booker said he supports a plan that would jail citizens for not turning their guns into a Government Buy Back program in a timely manner.

When will the liberals get it? Americans shouldn’t have to “interview” for our right to defend ourselves! We certainly aren’t giving up our guns to the Big Government socialist utopia. We won’t stand by while the Democrats try to shred the Constitution in their mad dash to win the Presidency in 2020.

Sign your name below if you won’t be interviewed by Cory Booker to see if you can keep your guns! Tell Cory Booker the 2ndAmendment is nonnegotiable.