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An armed man attempted to rob another man as he approached his vehicle with a weapon.  This lead to an exchange of gunfire as the victim was luckily armed with his concealed carry weapon.  The suspect was killed in the exchange and the robbery was ultimately prevented by the licensed gun owner.


The unnamed victim, was hit by multiple shots and transported to a nearby hospital, but is expected to survive.  This situation was very dangerous for all of the people in the area, but the criminal may have caused even more violence if he was not stopped.  Gun ownership is necessary to prevent crimes against people like this one.


There were multiple witnesses near the scene that would have been put in danger if the suspect was not neutralized by the victim.  Police and emergency transport quickly responded to the scene, and worked to gather more on the situation.  Overall, around 12 shots were fired, but self-defense prevailed.


Gun rights are very important in order to allow Americans to protect themselves from crimes like this one.  This could have been much worse if the victim was not able to defend himself and his belongings.  Violence is always an unfortunate end to a conflict, but it is a necessity when innocent lives are in danger.


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