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Last week, Student Government at Grand Valley State University voted to remove the pledge of allegiance before government meetings. They voted 22-10 to stop the tradition, citing its history of discrimination and its representation of an “oppressive government.” This week, due to immense backlash, the pledge of allegiance was reinstated.


The compromise that was made following the reinstatement is that students now have the opportunity to sit or stand during the recitation of the pledge. The fight is likely not over yet, as the measure to end the pledge of allegiance at GVSU has been voted on and debated several times in the past year. The resolution to remove it was made the week of Veterans Day.


Several student government members spoke out on why the pledge needed to be removed. “By removing the pledge, we can be accepting of all students,” Student Senator Sam Jacobs said. “Removing the pledge is the first step in allowing all students to have their voices heard and all students, not just the majority or minority.”


That’s when the outrage began. Patriotic students, as well as parents, and school donors, all expressed great disappointment over the decision. Grand Valley State University, which is located in Ottawa County, is in a deeply red county. The effort to ban the pledge of allegiance shows that the leftist agenda for universities can be seen anywhere.


Student Senator Dorian Thompson proved that there still may be hope on college campuses. Thompson wrote on Facebook regarding the situation, “No matter if I continue to serve on this body or decide that they do not represent my values and leave, I will do everything in my power to fight this disgraceful act. God bless our flag, and may God bless our great country.


Make no mistake: the left is working actively to ban Old Glory and remove any symbols of patriotism in American culture. Only by pushing back and standing our ground will such measures like the ban on the pledge of allegiance be defeated. If you are proud to bear the title, “patriot,” sign up for updates today!