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Jeff Zucker has been the far-left leader of CNN and has been a key figure in driving their content to a fake-news, liberal extremist organization and is officially resigning after being involved in a sex scandal with a subordinate.  

Jeff Zucker failed to disclose his relationship with Chief Marketing Officer Allison Gollust.  This relationship allegedly began during COVID lockdowns and it has led many within the organization to question motives by both parties.  Additionally, this relationship began while both Zucker and Gollust were married.  


Zucker began his tenure as CNN chief in 2013 and the network quickly transitioned to a far-left news source.  These changes included the type of stories that the network has started to produce and the lack of factual checks that were required.  CNN has seen multiple other controversies among executives throughout his tenure.  


This is a welcomed sight for Americans that appreciate news sources that confirm accuracy before production.  The network has lost millions of viewers and is clearly ready for a change, even if the change arises from controversy.  CNN openly opposed former President Donald Trump and used inaccurate sources to spread misinformation throughout his administration. 

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