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A federal judge from the U.S. Court of Appeals Eleventh Circuit ruled Wednesday that the state of Florida’s ban on prayers being broadcast on the loudspeakers before games is likely unconstitutional. The Circuit Court’s decision overturns a lower court ruling that no prayers can be broadcast at football games.


The case came to the court after a joint prayer was attempted to be broadcast on the loudspeaker before the 2015 Division 2A Florida state high school football championship game. The matchup featured two Christian schools, Cambridge Christian School from Tampa and University Christian School from Jacksonville.


Given that both schools are guided by faith, they decided they wanted to pray together before the big game. That’s when the Florida High School Athletic Association laid the hammer down on the two schools for daring to try to hold a joint prayer before the game.


The FHSAA argued that since the broadcast microphone was state owned, that using it for prayer was violating the Establishment Clause, and the principle of “separation of church and state.” The Circuit Court ruled this week though, that FHSAA was actually the one violating the Constitution.


Cambridge Christian School argued that their first amendment rights were being suppressed by the FHSAA by barring pregame prayer. Both schools had agreed to wanting to do the prayer before the game. No school was forced to pray. But FHSAA wanted to make sure nobody had the opportunity to.


The Florida prayer ban, while unsuccessful this time, is yet another example of how faith and prayer is increasingly attempted to be pushed out of everyday American life. There is a lot of momentum behind the cause of removing Christian symbolism, banning prayer, and hiding anyone publicly showing their faith.


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