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A new interim British report indicates that Christian persecution has reached levels close to genocide in some parts of the world. The report found that Christians were the most persecuted religious group in the world. The report comes just weeks after the bombings in Sri Lanka that targeted Christians.


Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, who ordered the report, blamed political correctness as the main reason about why the issue of Christian persecution is never talked about. Many believe that the fact of Christian persecution is simply unheard of or nonsensical.


The report gives a grim outlook for Christians in the Middle East. The percentage of Christians in Syria and Iraq has fallen dramatically in the past two decades. With Christians even more persecuted in the Middle East than before, the possibility of Christianity being wiped off at genocidal rates in the region is an increasing fear.


Religious persecution of any kind is to be denounced, but Christians are increasingly left out of the conversation. Political correctness in America has been working for years to push aside any influence of Christianity and to deem it as inferior.


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