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The Chinese government-run Global Times declared that the Biden administration has “failed in the first year in office” in COVID control and specifically the new outbreak of the omicron variant.  ​

The Chinese government is taking a direct shot at the president of the United States and sees weakness in his ability to control the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus.  They scoffed at his plans to distribute 500 million at-home tests across the country.  Many Americans agree with the Chinese sentiment that Biden has failed Americans.  


This critique of Joe Biden was pointed to force mass lockdowns across the country.  China would be able to expand economic advantages over the United States if the country entered another lockdown.  Biden’s administration needs to fight against the criticisms by taking a strong stance for Americans.  


Additionally, the article continued to attack the other failures throughout the first year of Biden’s presidency.  Specifically, they targeted the high inflation rates and horrible approval ratings.  Joe Biden is being seen as a weak leader and is a punching bag for international media outlets. 


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