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China President Xi Jinping; China’s New Ambassador

China’s new ambassador to the U.S. seems to not be afraid in defending the country’s communist regime.

China’s new ambassador to the United States will apparently be advocating for the Chinese Communist Party’s growing power while in Washington.

Ambassador Qin Gang’s office released a message that demanded that China be treated with “equality” as an influential world power. The New York Times reported that Qin will be spearheading efforts by China’s President Xi Jinping to restructure the country’s relationship with Washington.

“The Communist Party of China and the Chinese government will never stop the endeavor to pursue happiness for the people,” Qin’s message claimed. “China is firmly committed to the path of peaceful development and will continue to advance world peace, contribute to global development, and uphold international order. It will work with other countries to build a community with a shared future for mankind.”

The New York Times also reported that the move is in response to the Biden administration’s effort to curb China’s influence on the world.

President Biden has been weak on China since taking office, allowing the communist regime to try and establish itself as a greater world power. If Biden continues to be soft on China, it will continue to be an even greater threat against the U.S. And China’s newly appointed ambassador is a big move in that direction.

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