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The Palatine-Schaumburg High School district, located near Chicago, voted 5-2 on Monday to allow transgender individuals to have full access to whichever locker room they want to go in. They previously had to use privacy stalls in their desired locker room, but the vote Monday allows full access and no limits for transgender people.


Board members who voted for the measure were ecstatic, hugging those after celebrating their victory on defeating the privacy stalls. Meanwhile, members who came to the vote and opposed it expressed the shame with the decision, citing their own lack of comfortableness with any boy or girl being able to change in front of them in the locker room from now on.


“I myself have been the subject of discrimination all my life,” school board member Ed Yung said. “I know what these people are fighting for.” The controversy was highlighted around the claim that privacy stalls were promoting discrimination against transgender individuals and hurting their feelings.


Nova Maday, a biological male who now identifies as a woman a transgender, and is a student at the school, got in a messy lawsuit with the district in 2017 over the access in locker rooms. His attorney alleged that the fact that “she” is anatomically male has nothing to do with “her” gender identity, and should have unrestricted locker room access.


Students in opposition to the measure expressed how disturbing the situation has gotten for them. Student Julia Burca said, “I am a swimmer. I do change multiple times in front of the other students in the locker room. I understand that the board has an obligation to all students, but I was hoping they would go about this in a different way that would accommodate students such as myself.”


The left has lost their minds, and their social agenda is becoming a reality in many parts of the country. When you give the left an inch, they take a mile. Palatine’s decision to allow anyone to use whichever locker room they want with full access at any time is setting a troubling precedent. If you agree that the liberal social agenda must be stopped, sign this petition today!