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The city of Chicago currently requires all indoor businesses to police their patrons by checking vaccine passports before allowing entry into their establishments, and issuing citations to the businesses that are failing to do so.  ​

The mandate in Chicago requires all businesses to demand proof of vaccination for all patrons age five and older before they can be granted entry.  “You must not permit entry to anyone 5 and older who has not been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, unless an exception applies. Businesses that do not comply with this policy will be subject to fines,” the city said.  


Chicago has already issued over thirty citations for sixteen different businesses thus far.  These include daycares, restaurants and fitness centers.  Many citizens have chosen to remain unvaccinated and are not able to travel freely around the city.  Additionally, the businesses are being asked to patrol vaccine status without ample workforces.  


Vaccine status is becoming a major issue for free and open commerce across the country.  Many other liberal led areas are working on creating similar mandates despite the Supreme Court’s overruling of Biden’s proposed OSHA mandates. 

Vaccine mandates should be made illegal and outlawed across the country.  Donate to Americans United for Values today!