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California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) released a mandate that all school children will be required to take a coronavirus vaccine in order to attend in-person classes once it is available for all age groups.  

The FDA has not yet cleared the Chinese coronavirus vaccine for all age groups, but California will essentially require every child to take the shot.  Public schools will only be made available for in-person learning for vaccinated individuals, regardless of where the school is located.  This is an act of governmental overreach that threatens the civil liberties of all Californians.  


Additionally, Newsom will eventually roll out a protocol that all citizens that enter a school or attend a school function will need a vaccine passport.  He claims that this is “encouraging” citizens to become vaccinated, but it is clearly his way of controlling the medical decisions of the entire population.  


Vaccine mandates of any kind are a threat to the freedoms of American citizens, but this is an attack on US children.  It will require a child as young as 4 years old to become vaccinated before they can exercise their right to an education.  There is proof that these vaccines have not been tested for long term effects, and this is a threat to the entire California population!


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