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The nativity scene depicts one of the most important moments in humanity, when Jesus Christ was born. Nowadays, putting out the traditional nativity scene in front of buildings is the subject of high controversy. Putting a new spin on the War on Christmas, a California “church” has decided to use the nativity scene as a disgusting political statement.


Claremont United Methodist Church, located in the Greater Los Angeles area, put put a nativity scene in front of their church depicting migrants in cages. They put the figures of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph in metal cages where they were all separated from each other.


Claremont Church apparently has a history of using the nativity scene as a political statement. In past years, they arranged the nativity in a way to bring attention to the homelessness crisis in California. If they were smart, the liberal attendees of the Church wouldn’t keep supporting Democratic politicians, but that’s besides the point.


The nativity scene is not for social justice activists to hijack. A complete sign of disrespect toward those of faith everywhere, Claremont Church should be ashamed to keep peddling lies and using important traditional Christian symbols as a shield for their political agenda.


The depiction of cages is also a heavy exaggeration of the truth. Democrats have tried to liken areas of detainment near the border to concentration camps, a gross spin on what the reality is on the ground.


The leaders of Claremont United Methodist Church should be ashamed of themselves. They are letting their hate for President Trump and love for open borders spill into every aspect of their lives. If you agree that the nativity scene should not be made into a liberal political statement, sign our Americans United for Values petition today!