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Nationwide, there has been increased momentum to limit abortions, as states like Missouri, Ohio, and Alabama have carried the torch to protect the unborn. Meanwhile, California is on the brink of passing a bill that would require public universities to provide medical abortion pills. The legislation now sits on Governor Gavin Newsom’s desk.


Under the bill, health centers on California’s public colleges would have to provide medication abortion. Medication abortion involves two pills that are taken in the early stages of pregnancy. If a student wanted to choose the abortion pill, they could get it at the university instead of having to go to an abortion provider like Planned Parenthood.


California’s bill would be abortion on demand. California’s last governor vetoed the bill, citing the numerous amount of abortion providers in the state. But now, many believe Governor Newsom will sign the bill into law. In case you were wondering how the cost would be covered, California already requires insurers foot the bill of the abortion.


Having an abortion is a serious decision takes the life of an unborn child. The new legislation makes the decision easier and more efficient than ever. California liberals are making purchasing a gun harder than getting an abortion. It shows where their priorities lie when there is more effort to limit the second amendment than give unborn babies a chance to live.


Americans United for Values is proud to stand for the right to life. Liberals want abortion on-demand, and are putting legislation forward to gut the pro-life movement. California Governor Gavin Newsom must veto Senate Bill 34, or he will have blood on his hands forever. If you agree that Governor Newsom should veto SB 34, sign our petition today!