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Democratic Presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg was interviewed regarding an emerged abortion case this month where an abortionist from Buttigieg’s home town preserved over 2,000 fetuses in his home as trophies of his work.


Buttigieg told South Bend Indiana local affiliate WSBT that he found the news ‘disturbing.’ “I think it’s important that it be fully investigated. I also hope it doesn’t get caught up in politics at a time when women need access to healthcare.”


Even admidst a gruesome abortion case local to Buttigieg, he refuses to condemn the disgusting practices abortion facillities partake in.


Ulrich Klopfer is suspected of transporting the fetuses across state lines to his Illinois home, after losing his operating licence in Indiana.  Klopfer was also investigated several times over the past decade for failure to follow the Indiana law requiring abortion patients to view the fetal ultrasound and hear the heartbeat prior to the procedure. He was found guilty of failing to report rape incidents he had knowledge of, and for contaminating medicines at facillities by storing fetal remains in the same refrigerators.


Indiana Right to Life President Mike Fichter told LifeNews: “These sickening reports underscore why the abortion industry must be held to the highest scrutiny.”


Abortion activists continue to subdue reports like these and spread false rumors that all abortion procedures are safe. Here, we find a nauseating case of malpractice and lawlessness coming out of several abortion facillities and spanning several years. All this continues to be permitted and protected under the Democrats’ America.


Pete Buttigieg — and anyone else who continues to defend the abortion industry —  must be held responsible for the terrible cases coming out of these clinics.


Pete Buttigieg thinks women ‘need’ to be able to kill their babies. Donate to Americans United for Values today if you think life at every stage is valuable.