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lecture classroom; Brooklyn College professor left-wing bias

A professor at Brooklyn College wrote an article countering the ridiculous claim that American universities do not have a left-wing bias.

It’s no secret that the majority of higher education in America carries a heavy left-wing bias. A 2018 Gallup study found that the left- to right-wing ratio among Americans with postgraduate education is 1.7:1.

But now, a professor at Brooklyn College (a part of the City University of New York) is saying that the events surrounding COVID-19 have only made the bias worse. Langbert stated that he has received 11 emails from university officials regarding identity and racial politics, beginning June 1.

“…Since the COVID-19 lockdowns, colleges have carried left-wing bias to greater extremes than ever,” Langbert wrote in an article. “At Brooklyn College, where I work, a faculty group called ‘Rank and File Action’ just emailed a university-wide invitation to an event featuring the Marxist Democratic Socialists of America chapter at LaGuardia Community College. RFA describes itself as ‘a group of militant rank & file activists at CUNY challenging the culture of austerity in higher education and demanding a more democratic fighting union.’ Is there any counterweight to RFA? Of course not.”

Langbert’s article was a response to an essay published in September by a Harvard history professor and her student. Their essay claimed that the research that found that university professors generally lean to the left is somehow wrong.

To counter that argument, Langbert also cited recent examples of educators who have been attacked for their conservative beliefs or for simply going against the liberal mindset.

Most Americans don’t doubt that higher education has become saturated with progressive ideas and intolerance for conservative values. If we do not continue to defend freedom of speech and the free exchange of ideas in our universities, the bias will only grow worse.

Professor Langbert and others are proud to defend their conservative ideas. If you agree with them, sign up and join Americans United for Values!