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Throughout fiscal year 2019, the border wall has begun to take shape across the United States Southwest border.  The use of the more effective barrier has allowed immigration agents to better control the influx of individuals crossing the southwest border.  In 2019 alone, over 800,000 apprehensions have taken place along the Southwest border.  This is up from just 520,000 in 2018.


The wall construction is allowing immigration agents to better protect the areas that were once very vulnerable.  By targeting these areas, border agents have been able to lockdown more areas with less patrols.  The sheer volume of these number is showing the effectiveness of a strong physical border.


In addition to the work that is being done at the border, ICE has increased deportation of illegal aliens as well.  ICE had successfully completed around 130,000 deportations throughout the first 6 months of the fiscal year.  These numbers are on track to beat the statistics from 2017 and 2018.


In addition to the massive number of deportations, ICE has also placed more emphasis on deporting individuals that were criminally charged in the United States.  Over 72,000 convicted criminals have been ousted from the country thanks to the help of ICE and other types of law enforcement.


The Wall construction and federal emphasis on immigration control domestically has allowed the United States to become more secure.  Wall construction continues to grow and develop along the Mexican border.  Border Patrol is beginning to replace old vehicle barriers with a true border wall.  The existing barriers were built to prevent vehicles from entering the United States, but offered little to no protection from illegal immigrants and drug smugglers traveling by foot.


Border Security is a priority of federal government, and the President Trump has made this a point of emphasis from his first day in office.  It is so important to maintain a secure border to protect the livelihood of American culture.


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