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President Trump and his administration have supported the construction of the southern border wall throughout his first term.  The wall construction has been gaining serious momentum throughout the summer months.  To date, the wall has built and reconstructed over 100 miles in targeted areas.


President Trump has worked to make our country more secure through strict policy and construction of the wall.  President Trump has also accomplished more security on the southern border amidst constant roadblocks being set my congress.  Democrats in congress have proven they ignore the needs of American citizens.


“We wish we had help from the Democrats in Congress, but they said they want open borders. They don’t want this. They want criminals to come in.”

-President Trump


In addition to the wall, President Trump has worked with Mexican government to intercept Central American migrants before reaching the border.  These types of solutions are a result of President Trump’s ability to negotiate on behalf of US citizens.  The United States is safer and more secure.  American citizens are seeing stronger economic results as well.  Border states are enjoying low unemployment and increased wages.


The Wall is a crucial piece of securing the American border.  President Trump has been the direct cause of the construction of over 100 miles so far.  This construction will continue and American people will be able to have strong boarders for many years to come.  President Trump Stands for the Safety of Americans Across the Country Sign up to show you do too!