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The Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Patrol located and apprehended the largest group of migrants of the year, the group contained 336 individuals who had illegally crossed the border from Mexico to Texas.

Brian Hastings, Rio Grande Valley Sector Chief Patrol Agent, released images of agents apprehending 336 migrants.  This is the single largest group that has been identified by Border Patrol in 2021, showing that the border crisis is far from slowing down.  Many of these migrants are in American medical facilities due to heat exhaustion.  


Border Patrol agents believe that this group was smuggled by a group of human traffickers that are profiting off of the movement of illegal migrants.  These smugglers have increased in frequency as many of the Trump era border policies have been dismantled.  Additionally, this is the hottest time of the year in the Southwest, leading to major medical issues for the humans being moved.  


The Rio Grande Sector accounts for around 25% of all apprehensions that are made at the Southwest border.  Most of these migrants were from Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico.  Human smugglers are rampantly attempting to traffic migrants and are often linked to major drug organizations.  Biden cannot get the border under control and is creating a massive security threat for all Americans. 


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