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Since the beginning of the Trump administration, the border wall has been bolstered in a plethora of locations.  This has allowed border patrol to be more successful in securing our safety from the southern front.  The amount of people that are evading border patrol completely has drastically decreased.  Border walls have added height and width in the process of making them more secure.


Border security is a staple of the Trump administration.  This has allowed the southern border to become safer and has prevented the infiltration of foreign immigrants into our economic system.  President Trump has made border security and documented employees a priority throughout the United States.  This has continued to allow our industries to thrive and for poverty stricken Americans to avoid welfare.


The border wall has made a big difference in the effectiveness of security.  We are able to allow border patrol and ICE to focus on larger scale immigration crimes and make the United States safer.  Drug rings and trafficking have been shut down at amazing rates and the southern safety is much safer.


In the process of bolstering existing areas of the border wall the border has become safer in a more affordable fashion.  Trump is making these upgrades a higher priority because of the affordability and effectiveness that is associated with these areas.  The parts of the walls that are being bolstered are the most trafficked areas and making it more difficult to illegally cross the US border.


President Trump stands for border security, and he stands for economic effectiveness.  This can be seen in the development of border walls and the bolstering of existing walls.  We must support this administration and the continued development of southern border security!