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Domestic rioting led by far left groups such as Antifa and other Black Lives Matter groups have set a new record for property damage and could reach over $2 billion in insurance claims.

    Insurance claims tracking services found that damages that occurred between May 26th and June 8th are rapidly approaching $2 billion in insurance claims.  This only includes damages that occurred in this timeframe, so the damages related to all rioting will certainly be more costly.  These groups are domestic terrorists and are being backed by left-wing politicians across the country.  


    These groups are the same people that are leading the push for defunding law enforcement so they can continue to destroy the country.  The economic losses are being hidden by the far-left and they commonly refer to these as “peaceful protests.”   Obviously, these are criminal acts that terrorize the communities in which they occur and destroy many important artifacts.  


    Additionally, far-left media outlets are already aiming to justify potential riots in the event that President Trump is re-elected in November.  They have claimed he destroys the country and creates the violence, but the organized groups like Antifa and BLM hide behind the media in order to maintain some sense of “innocence.”  


    The radical left will continue to support the violence and the domestic terrorism that is being conducted by BLM rioters.  It is clear that the media and liberal politicians are afraid to recognize the crimes these rioters are committing.  Violence is becoming commonplace across the country, and a strong commitment to law enforcement is needed for it to end. 

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