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black lives matter flag in washington dc; BREATHE Act

Leaders of Black Lives Matter, the group responsible for nationwide protests and riots, have asked Biden to support their illogical “BREATHE Act.”

Leaders of Black Lives Matter are demanding that Joe Biden support the “BREATHE Act,” which includes a “roadmap” to abolishing police and a call for reparations.

Now, BLM’s founders and their allies in Congress are pushing for the BREATHE Act to pass congress. BLM described the Act as “a radical reimagining of public safety, community care, and how we spend money as a society.”

Founder Patrisse Cullors, who has described herself as a Marxist, wrote a letter to Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris requesting a meeting. In addition, she is asking that the new administration work to pass the BREATHE Act within the first 100 days.

The Act’s campaign website states that it includes a total divestment of “federal resources” from law enforcement, which would defund police and immigration enforcement on a federal level. The Act also includes the abolition of prison; the “full decarceration of federal detention facilities within 10 years and enacts a moratorium on all new federal prison, jail, immigrant and youth detention construction.”

Additionally, the Act suggests that the money taken from law enforcement should be redirected to minority communities in order to address income inequality and other progressive issues.

Black Lives Matter’s BREATHE Act is as dangerous as it is unrealistic. The leaders of this Marxist movement are looking to tear down institutions that keep our communities safe and keep criminals off the streets.

The men and women of law enforcement need our support in order to continue working for our security. We must stand with them in order to “make America great again.”

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