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Burning books; activist Trump books

Burning conservative books appears to be the latest form of resistance from leftist activists.

A Black Lives Matter activist who worked as a library staffer in Chattanooga, Tennessee was fired after apparently burning conservative books that he had taken home.

The man, 35-year-old Cameron Williams, allegedly posted an Instagram video showing him burning books authored by former President Trump and columnist Ann Coulter.

Now, after being terminated, he is claiming that he was a victim of racial discrimination based on his political activism.

Williams “helped organize demonstrations against police brutality last year,” The Washington Post reported, adding that “he and other activists were arrested for allegedly blocking an emergency vehicle, among other charges.”

The man also claimed that he was instructed to look for “damaged, outdated or untruthful books,” and that branch managers had told employees they could bring home books that had been chosen for removal.

Members of the political left and the anti-Trump mob have been trying to silence conservative voices for years. Now, some are apparently resorting to Fahrenheit 451-esque book burning to show their dissent.

Although this incident only involved one person, the idea of book burning is part of the broader cancel culture that wants to censor and oust everyone and everything it disagrees with. The whole idea is a threat to the First Amendment rights of Americans. And we cannot allow leftists to continue suppressing free speech.

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