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The Black Lives Matter group is now demanding the Joe Biden and Kamala Harris administration give support for their agenda stating, “getting Trump out of office was not the end all, be all.  We want something for our vote.”

This group, which has supported many riots across the country, is now claiming that they want their extremist agenda to be prioritized for their role in gathering votes for the 2020 Presidential Election.  They are claiming they will hold Biden and Harris accountable for their campaign promises to address systemic racism.  The black Lives Matter group has been at the forefront of efforts to defund police departments.  


BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors released a statement that called for a meeting with Biden and Harris to discuss the plan to address their “commitments to Back people.”  BLM has proven that they will support violence in American communities in order to have their message addressed, and they may use this as leverage against Joe Biden. 


Joe Biden does not have the strength nor backbone to stand against radical left groups, and he will conform to all of their ideals.  This group is claiming they won the election for Joe Biden, even though President Trump improved his share of the Black male vote by about 5 points.  The Biden administration has not commented on the statement and their plans to appease BLM.  


Black Lives Matter wants to defund police departments, abolish prisons, and destroy Capitalism in the United States.  The Biden administration is likely to support changes in order to continue to conform to radical left beliefs.  This will destroy American safety and economic stability, and US citizens cannot allow Joe Biden to support this radical agenda. 

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