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Lawmakers in Texas have introduced legislation to prevent women from having to compete against biological men in sports at all levels.  

This bill allows “single-sex” sports to continue for all biological women at all ages.  As it stands, most Texas universities follow the NCAA rules for “gender identity “ sports.  This allows for both unfair competition and encourages Gender Dysphoria for children and adolescents.  The proposed bill protects natural genders and biological sexes.  


LGBTQ groups are fighting against this bill saying it is similar to the failed biological bathroom bill.  This bill fights against Joe Biden’s push for all sports to be based on a person’s gender identity rather than sex or physical ability.  GOP lawmakers in Texas are showing that the country can stand against far-left agendas in order to protect the country.  


Additionally, GOP lawmakers filed a bill that prevents minors from taking life-altering medications such as puberty-blocking treatments or other forms of gender changing procedures.  This helps to protect children from making a massive mistake during a misguided time in life.  


GOP Representative Charles Perry said, “This is purely 100 percent devoted to the preservation of Title IX and allowing women to compete against women in their peer groups in that biological category, so they know they can have an equal and fighting chance based on ability and not over some political narrative of the day that undermines fairness.”

Stand with Texas Lawmakers and their Ability to fight the far-left.  Donate to Americans United for Values if you agree!

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