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Joe Biden speaking with his hands raised; Biden's transition team

Big tech companies censored crucial content during the 2020 election. Now they’re a part of Biden’s transition team.

Managers and directors from Facebook and Google have been added to Biden’s transition team after the companies helped suppress non-Democratic stories during the election.

Despite suggestions from Silicon Valley critics against hiring from Facebook and Google, Team Biden “quietly” brought on employees from the big tech companies.

Politico reported that the four employees of Facebook and Google were silently added to the transition website on or close to Thanksgiving. In contrast, hundreds of other transition team officials had been named on Nov. 10.

Last month, The Daily Wire reported on the various stories that social media companies censored or suppressed. Because of their critical nature, the stories likely helped Biden in the election.

The eight issues were: Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegations against Biden, the financial allegations involving Biden’s son Hunter, the left-wing views of Kamala Harris, the economic snapback from the coronavirus recession as jobs reports surged, the jump in economic growth, the historic peace agreements Trump helped foster between Israel and its Arab neighbors, America’s energy independence under Trump and Operation Warp Speed’s success in developing a COVID-19 vaccine.

Big tech companies unashamedly helped Biden in the election by censoring the information presented to the American public. Now, they are unsurprisingly included as officials on Biden’s transition team.

Companies like Facebook, Google and Twitter need to be held accountable for their misconduct. We must continue to fight for freedom of speech and resist the censorship of the media we consume.

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