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Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents are being crippled and they are only able to arrest illegal aliens living in communities across the country at a rate of one in a two month time frame.  ​

The Biden administration has dramatically changed the ability of the Enforcement and Removal Operation officers throughout the country.  ICE agents are being threatened with punishments from the Department of Homeland Security for enforcing the law.  The Washington Post proudly reported that “The agency’s 6,000 officers currently average one arrest every two months.”   


President Trump’s ICE was arresting almost 9,000 illegal aliens each month.  90 percent of these arrests included illegal aliens with criminal convictions or pending criminal charges.  This proves that Biden is leaving thousands of criminals on the streets near American citizens.  


The Biden administration is ignoring security at the border and within the communities that Americans live.  The lack of arrests inevitably leads to decreased deportations and increases the time that non-American criminals are able to live in the United States.  There have been multiple cases in Arizona of armed robbery, drunk driving, and other violent crimes in which illegal aliens are being released from prison. 


Joe Biden does not respect your safety and security, donate to Americans United for Values today if you agree!