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            Presidential candidate Joe Biden was quoted claiming he beat the NRA in 1994 with an assault weapons ban.  This law further required background checks and limited the amount of bullets that could be stored in a magazine.  This law went into effect in 1998 and Biden is claiming he made waves with this bill.  Since the rules and regulations came into effect there have been over 230 school shootings including Columbine, Sandy Hook, and Parkland.


Biden is acting as if he has effectively made our communities safer through the passage of this law, but since this became a federally mandated regulation we have seen more school shootings than ever before.  In fact, almost every school shooter went through the channels that were required underneath these regulations.  We can credit Biden with one thing, enacting useless legislation.


In addition to these claims, he went on to say that he acknowledges the 2nd Amendment, but Americans are not entitled to gun ownership.  This statement goes against the laws and regulations of the United States and the important aspects of the Bill of Rights.  Biden is a Presidential candidate that lacks support from his own party, and is using his notoriety of his Vice Presidency to trick voters.


Joe Biden has had a career of unfair and ineffective policy change.  We as American people must fight against his campaign.  He lacks the fundamental knowledge and responsibility that the American people deserve.  Biden will never be an effective leader and it is our job to make sure he does not get to hold our presidency.  America deserves more from our leaders and we must demand effective policy change.  Joe Biden does not stand for Americans, the Bill of Rights, or government accountability!


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