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Joe Biden and his administration has weakened border security again, and is allowing more “vulnerable populations” such as transgender people to seek asylum within the United States.  

The Department of Homeland Security has made an exception to Title 42, the immigration control intuitive to limit the spread of COVID-19.  Title 42 directs border agents to immediately deport some illegal immigrants before they can apply for asylum.  The Biden administration has started to allow exceptions to this rule to grant asylum for people who are vulnerable, most notably transgender migrants.  


The Biden administration released a statement saying, “We are working to streamline a system for identifying and lawfully processing particularly vulnerable individuals who warrant humanitarian exceptions under (Title 42). This humanitarian exception process involves close coordination with international and non-governmental organizations in Mexico and COVID-19 testing before those identified through this process are allowed to enter the country.”


The ambiguity of this statement shows that they are looking to allow more migration and give preference to liberal backed groups of people.  There are at least 15 transgender migrants who should have been deported based on Title 42 regulations who have been granted entry.  Biden is ignoring his own calls to continue extreme coronavirus lockdown procedures by letting any unnecessary migration.


Joe Biden backs foreign transgender people more than American citizens! Donate to Americans United for Values today if you agree!

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