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Biden’s border has set multiple records including the record for the most migrant apprehensions, but they also have lost more Border Patrol agents in one year than any other time in history.

The earliest records of Border Patrol agents date back to 1919when the first agent was killed in the line of duty.  The agency has lost 11 agents this year, eclipsing the record from 1998 when 6 agents lost their lives.  The attack on the Southern border by massive swarms of migrants has created an extremely dangerous environment for these agents to work.  


These agents were also required to be in close proximity with many people, making the border one of the highest COVID-19 ridden areas.  Agents would routinely see thousands of people in one day and be forced to watch over the overcrowded facilities due to President Joe Biden’s policies on swift deportation.  


These agents worked their hardest to secure the Mexican border, but they were not given the proper tools to defend themselves by the federal government.  The White house is expected to officially cancel all border wall projects and remove funding from border security.  This job has proven to become incredibly dangerous and it is due to the negligence and disrespect of President Joe Biden.

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