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President Joe Biden; Biden's infrastructure bill

President Biden’s $2 trillion “infrastructure” bill has been slammed by conservatives for its unrelated policy priorities.

President Biden’s new $2 trillion spending bill has been met with opposition from both Senate Republicans and moderates who tried to work with Biden on his COVID bill.

Senator Rob Portman pointed out that Biden’s massive new bill is too expensive and doesn’t actually focus on infrastructure, as the White House is touting it.

“At its core, the president’s plan calls for a $620 billion investment in transportation infrastructure. However, the total soars to $3 trillion with its inclusion of these broad policy priorities that are a far cry away from what we’ve ever defined as infrastructure,” Senator Rob Portman said. “The Biden Administration’s plan redefines infrastructure to include hundreds of billions of dollars of spending on priorities like health care, workforce development, and research and development.”

“I support improving America’s aging roads, bridges, ports, and other infrastructure. And we can do so in a bipartisan way,” Portman added.

In order to pay for new investments in roads, bridges and more, Biden is proposing tax increases on businesses. Conservatives have highlighted that this will hurt job growth and send more jobs overseas to China.

Biden and the Democrats have already pushed through liberal policy via a $1.9 trillion “COVID relief” bill last month. They are continuing to push their agenda on the American people under the guise of infrastructure improvements.

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