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Presidential Candidate Joe Biden said congress should legalize abortion at the federal level.  He wants congress to limit the power of states to make the decision on abortion rights.  This is not only wrong, but also incredibly unconstitutional.  Biden looks to use federal lawmaking to limit State rights and liberalize the United States.


Biden threatens the fabric of the American lawmaking system and the importance of the rights of individual states.  He would look to make the entire country rely on dramatic leftist laws and regulations.  These laws would start with abortion and perforate into the entire federal system.  This lack of respect for the importance of rights for individual states show the danger of a Joe Biden presidency.


Biden would rather dismantle the system that has allowed the United States to thrive across the entire country.  Joe Biden wants to bolster Roe v. Wade and use the legislature to make the legalization and promotion a federal law.  This would prevent states from deciding how to define life and the importance of values across the country.


Joe Biden has shown repeatedly that he does not care about the values that are held by Americans across the United States.  He wants to promote abortion and other leftist issues.  Biden wants to force the American States to adopt policies that they are forced into.  It is important to fight for the rights of the American people and the morals that we maintain throughout our great nation.  Joe Biden will destroy the value system in the United States


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