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President Joe Biden has outlined his plans to resettle the 95,000 Afghans that were forced to come to the United States after the military exit debacle and many will be sent to key election states.

Biden said that he will send 95,000 Afghans to 46 states across the country and around 20,000 will head to states like Arizona, Michigan, Georgia and North Carolina.  These migrants would be expected to bolster the Democratic presence in these areas within the near future.  


These individuals were forced out of their country as the Biden exit plan allowed the Taliban to gain total control of the Afghan government system.  This forced thousands of political refugees to leave the country to avoid terrorism within their home.  This mismanagement of the withdrawal from Afghanistan is now being used for a political gain for Democrats.  


Additionally, each resettled individual will be given $1250 payments to assist in the orientation process.  Congress is also planning on beginning a full slate of welfare programs for the Afghans which would include food stamps, cash assistance and access to Medicaid.  


American taxpayers are paying for the incompetence of the Biden administration and will have to pay billions of dollars to alleviate this situation.  Joe Biden is not fit to lead the country and is only concerned for the political future of his Democrat colleagues. 


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