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On Monday, Democratic presidential candidate frontrunner Joe Biden unveiled his healthcare plan as President. His plan is to protect and build on Obamacare, claiming that, “If you like your health care plan… you can keep it.”


The same promise made by Biden is the same quote that came to define former President Barack Obama’s failed healthcare promise. In 2013, it was named the biggest lie of the year. Obamacare threw millions of their insurance, forcing them to buy more expensive options than they had before.


Congress came one vote short of repealing The Affordable Care Act in 2018, but the late John McCain was able to stop the repeal as it came down to him. As those on the left and right are always complaining about healthcare, clearly Obamacare did not get the job done. Biden is looking to build on its failure.


Biden separates from the rest of the other leading Democratic candidates, who have argued for “Medicare-for-all,” or a government run single payer healthcare system that eliminates private insurance. While Biden doesn’t side with the far left of his party on healthcare, he is still in the wrong to keep trying with Obamacare.


Americans rejected the liberal policies of Barack Obama in 2016 when they chose Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. Being Obama’s biggest ally, Biden’s same promise to voters will only prove untrue again if he wins.


Americans United for Values stands with Donald Trump. Joe Biden is a very flawed candidate. The blame for leaving millions uninsured because of the cost of healthcare is on Obama and Biden, who passed a broken healthcare plan. We cannot let Joe Biden win and take us back to the liberal policies of the Obama administration!