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Multiple media personalities have expressed their concerns about Joe Biden’s ability to lead the country as the crisis in Afghanistan continues to evolve.

Notably, Meghan McCain of NBC’s The View spoke out stating that she has felt “physically ill” and even shared her belief that Joe Biden is “unfit to lead.”  McCain was a massive supporter of Biden during the 2020 election cycle and vehemently supported the impeachment of former President Trump.  


This is a major catastrophe for President Joe Biden and his decision to pull American troops out of Afghanistan has left hundreds of thousands of innocent people in the crosshairs of the Taliban.  Liberal media outlets were unable to spin this story in a positive light for the president.  Prominent Biden supporters are quickly criticizing the actions of the president, including Sen. Mitt Romney.  


Senator Romney notably voted for Joe Biden in 2020 even though he has had a long career as a Republican politician.  He called Biden’s actions a “stain on America’s reputation.”  These supporters are certainly regretting their decision and remarks throughout the election cycle, and Joe Biden is only going to continue to make horrible decisions.  


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