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joe biden and xi jinping toasting with drinks

Biden implied that he won’t be holding China accountable, suggesting his administration will be soft on the communist regime.

Joe Biden recently spoke to CNN’s Jake Tapper and suggested that he won’t be holding China accountable for the COVID-19 pandemic and their subsequent cover-up.

During the interview, Biden also claimed that President Trump’s approach to China “has been backwards.”

“My concern from the beginning — I’ve spoke about it, and I met with Xi [Jinping] more times than anybody had up until the time we left office that I’m aware of — is to make it real clear to China there are international rules that, if you want to play by, we’ll play with you,” Biden said. “If you don’t, we’re not going to play, number one.”

He added: “Number two, it’s not about punishing them for the COVID virus. It’s about insisting that there be international norms that are established that they play by.”

Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris was also asked if China should be “punished” for the pandemic and “mishandling and hiding the truth.”

“…one of the things that are very clear is that this is going to be an administration that puts the public health professionals first, and not politics first, in the discussion about the cause, the reason, and the effect of COVID-19,” Harris said.

Biden and Harris’ interview with CNN is an indicator of an administration that will be soft on China, putting our American economy and national security at risk.

The Chinese government needs to be held accountable for allowing the spread of a global pandemic. The lies and misinformation they used to cover up their involvement are reprehensible and we cannot allow them to happen again.

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