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Joe Biden continues to show his incompetence and wants to give law-breakers health care benefits.  Biden wants to take taxpayer dollars and use them to fuel the illegal immigration system.  Biden’s policies will promote more illegal activity coming from the southern border and America will lack fundamental security.


Health care benefits are operated by the government in order to help citizens of the United States pay for medical expenses that they would otherwise not be able to.  This is an extremely precise definition and it does not extend to illegal immigrants that are not citizens.  Citizens of the United States pay their taxes and deserve the benefits of government spending.  Law-breakers that live here illegally, do not deserve these privileges.


Biden wants to fight for these people and promote the misuse of government funds.  He wants to proliferate the system that has led to millions of illegal aliens in the country.  This country cannot deal with a leader that will promote the unlawful passage across our borders.


Our country deserves a President that fights for the law and will enforce these regulations in the best way possible.  We have to fight against the Biden campaign prove that America cares about its lawful citizens more than those who reside here illegally.  Joe Biden wants to allow illegal aliens and the system to continue to grow.


To Biden, illegal aliens are “already Americans.”  This could not be further from the truth.  These people have started in the United States on the absolute wrong foot and continue to make a mockery of American values.  We must fight against illegal aliens and end the war against illegal immigration.  American men and women must stand for the security and safety of our borders, and the first step is to take away policies that promote illegal aliens.


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