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Man holding an anarchist flag in California; Biden Portland

While rioting continues in cities like Portland, Joe Biden has decided to let up the pressure for local leaders to maintain control and security.

This week, President Biden has continued his crusade of revoking Trump administration orders, including a memorandum labeling certain cities like Portland and Seattle “anarchist” havens and slashing their federal funding.

Cities like Portland were rife with extremist rioters after the death of George Floyd in May of last year. Trump’s memorandum was intended to be corrective action for these cities for failing to control violent and destructive rioting.

“The memorandum followed riots during anti-police and anti-racism protests over George Floyd’s killing by Minneapolis police,” the Associated Press reported. “The Justice Department identified New York City, Portland, Oregon, and Seattle as three cities that could have federal funding slashed.”

After Floyd’s death, Antifa protested and rioted in Democrat-led Portland for over 100 nights in a row. And the rioting is apparently still not over. The Daily Wire reported that rioters attempted to break into the Portland Police Association building in a residential area of the city about two weeks ago.

Biden’s reckless repeal of Trump’s orders will only create more unrest in liberal cities. Their failure to maintain control and efforts to defund the police have allowed riots to continue for months upon months. And in Seattle, dozens of officers left the police department after having their funding slashed.

The president should be ensuring the safety of Americans living in these cities, not allowing their poor leadership to keep them at the mercy of rioters. If Biden doesn’t change course, then these Democrat-led cities will continue to fail.

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